The art of great Customer Service

Giving good customer service as a company is paramount to the lively hood involved with being your own business. Providing that invaluable level of intimacy with your clients is what distinguishes you from the larger ad agencies.





Being quick to communicate with your clients, responding to their emails as quickly as possibly is extremely important. It is more than just an email to them, their project is the core of their business (typically) and their business can be depending on you to get them going on the web.

Beyond just responding to them timely, it is important to remember that your clients probably don’t know much about the web and so overloading them with web jargon and “geek speak” is a quick way to lose their attention.

Taking that extra step to explain some of the more intricate parts of how their web site may work is important so they can better adapt to doing business on the web or supporting their presence on the web.



Understand their Needs


Clients don’t always know exactly what they need, so ensuring that you understand what their project is and what it needs to be is a vital part of the project scope. It is easy to simply do what will get the project done but going to the next step and ensuring that they understand the possibilities of what their site can be is imperative.

Not only will it probably result in more income, but the client will be much more satisfied with the end result as well as have a more effective web site. This means shopping carts, SEO, contact, catalog requests, forums, member systems and more. There are thousands of things the client should have based on their needs and it is our job to ensure we get them what they require.

Beyond just offering additional services, you may have clients that only need something simple but want the world. Even though it could provide more income it is important to only give them what they need, that mom and pop shop around the corner doesn't need a forum or a chat room on their web site.


Following up with Clients

Just because you have finished the project doesn't mean it isn't your problem anymore. The majority of your work will come through referrals from clients that you have already helped. Even if you don’t have a retainer for some previous clients it is important to let them know you still care.

Sometimes it is good to provide a little free help every now and again to make sure they are happy, that little bit of caring can go a long way towards a recommendation they may give that can lead to another project. It is a good policy to believe that once a client, always a client. With that mentality you can assure your success.



It can take a lot of patience sometimes to convey your message, but you need all the patience in the world when it comes to freelance. You are the business and your attitude can make or break it. It takes just the right kind of people to be able to freelance and be successful at it. Practicing excellent and unwavering patience is one of those skills that can help you to achieve your freelance goals and aspirations.


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