Vashitech Solutions believes any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Our services are vast and range from outsourced IT to in-house staff augmentation, consulting services to business process automation, website development to eCommerce solutions, mobile apps to the mobile web. To sum it up, we consider ourselves to be problem solvers with an expansive technology toolkit. Read on to learn how the magic happens.


Vashitech Solutions offers the complete software product development life cycle and support service. We setup and manage dedicated product development and support teams at our development centers for our clients.


Our services are catered to the specific needs of Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and technology Start-ups. We help them achieve product development and support goals, accelerate time to market, engage the right soft skills and control costs. Our USP is the investments that we constantly make to provide a robust infrastructure having requisite hardware, software and communication facilities to meet every expectation of our clients. We have measures in place to ensure, client intellectual property rights are protected.


Vashitech Solutions offshore software development centers are always fully staffed with highly skilled and talented software engineers and technical support specialists available to meet your every development support requirement.

We believe that development projects work best when they are incremental as well as iterative. Thus, the team is able to start step by step, and along the way, benefits from enlightened trial and error methods.


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