We create customized solutions for clients that greatly add to their productivity and efficiency Our services allow our customers to perform with maximum efficiency in minimal time. Whether it is a specialized Intranet reporting system, order management system, inventory tracking, or a report generation system for sub brands, we create applications that can automate all your processes. Our qualified programmers adhere to strict guidelines and the latest technologies to create one-of-a kind applications. They work tirelessly to integrate a wide knowledge of software and web technologies thus providing highest degree of excellence. Needless to say, the applications undergo rigorous testing for quality before they are deemed ready for delivery. Each and every functionality is thoroughly tested at each stage of development.


We aim at producing quality applications and products that puts our customers ahead of the competition. We have also successfully developed several in-house innovative products such as ERP, CRM, HRM & Mass mailers to name a few. Check the Products section for details.


Intranet Reporting System, Order Management System, Inventory Tracking System, Online Reservation System, Financial Reporting System, HR and Commissions System, B-B and B-C Portals, Complete ERP, HRM, CRM, MASSMAILERS packages also Available..


Vashitech Solutions, offers specialist consulting, mentoring, and guidance for your software development teams. We have vast technical knowledge and experience that we have acquired through development of hi-tech software, applications, innovative products etc. We provide expertise in use case modelling, object architectures, JAVA, .NET, PHP and Mobile Development processes. We can also provide you with expert software guidance so that you don't meet any hurdle or crisis as development is progressing.

Our professionals are always there to guide and support your software development process. Whether you are facing any issues, bugs, or problems with your already developed software/application or in the middle of development process, our veteran programmers and software professionals can do the brainstorming for you to solve and fix the problem. From our experience, we can confidently say that this is a wise exercise to ensure that you have taken the correct path. Sometimes even a small issue can lead to a complicated situation especially when you are under strict time constraints


Effective and professional solution, Highly-qualified Software Consultants, Outstanding interpersonal skills, Unsurpassed Quality, In-depth code reviews.


Maximizing returns on investment and ensuring customer satisfaction are the two essential ingredients to survive and be successful irrespective of the type of business. Outsourcing your work to us can produce amazing results as it allows you to produce more for less. Taking these factors into consideration, we can develop projects offshore for you thereby giving you the added advantage of saving time and money. We can be your offshore development centre. We can develop part or a complete project from scratch for you as the need may be. Our professionals whether multimedia designers, developers, software programmers, or quality testers are all qualified, experienced, and experts in their area of work. Depending on your need, we can set aside a complete team headed by a Technical Project Manager dedicated solely for your project at our location. At your discretion, we can also relocate our team at your premises to cater to your software needs.

A dedicated team for each project, Technically Sound Software Professionals, Reliable and cost effective, State-of-the-art hardware and software resources.




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