Open-source is computer software whose source code is freely available for users who can modify and improve it and then redistributes the same in customized or non-customized form. Open source is developed as perfect substitute for proprietary software of huge business firms. It offers greater participation of the developers’ community who brings in ingenious inputs into the platforms for end users’ benefit. As far as Vashitech Solutions open source development is concerned, it has been highly acknowledged by the people across the world.

Open Source web development that delivers

 Since the world’s major success stories like Facebook, Twitter and Android have been written using open source technologies and 70% of the world’s websites run on Apache HTTPD web servers, which incidentally also happens to be open source, its merit is surely worth your consideration. AT Vashitech Solutions, where open source solutions such as Drupal CMS, Magento, PHP and Java aren’t just buzz words but a part of our in-house semantics, we truly believe that open source applications development is the way to go. Here is why:

  • Versatile developer communities that are several million strong and continue tirelessly to contribute to the open house repository and knowledge base
  • No vendor lock-in or licensing fees for you to pay since open source web development always happens on Open General License (OGL)
  • No unfair licensing restrictions, unrealistic price increases or compulsory upgrades because no single company owns open source software
  • Open architecture using proven standards such as CIM and WBEM to achieve high levels of performance and agility with built-in cost savings
  • Faster, scalable, affordable and a breeze to customize due to unqualified access to source code

  Benefits of Open Source Development:

  • Widely Affordable
  • Excellent code quality and security
  • Mitigation of vendor collapse or software discontinuation
  • Faster Innovation
  • No vendor or software lock-in
  • Greater flexibility


The promise of open source is better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in.

  Open source development services are widely acceptable these days because source code is available free and open for editing, developers are free to amend code and upload web pages dynamically in real time.


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