It has widespread usage


  • 1.4 billion email users worldwide
  • 91% of US online adults use email


 It's affordable and effective

  • No printing or postage costs
  • ROI is $43 for every $1 invested
  • Has a retention rate of 37%

 You can use email to

  • Generate new sales leads
  • Increase website traffic
  • Retain customers
  • Build your company brand
  • Educate an audience
  • Other communication needs

  Best Email Marketing Service

  • Pioneer of web-based email marketing
  • Effectively delivering emails since 2007
  • Contented customers across Globe
  • Reliable email infrastructure across vendors
  • Used by entrepreneurs, SME & Corporations
  • Profitable reseller & dedicated email platform

  Online email campaigns have emerged as the most effective online advertising strategy available to marketers today because, businesses are able to actually see the results of direct email marketing in their scaling and measurable ROI.

 With the demand for the best email marketing services and email marketing solutions hitting an all-time high, businesses worldwide are fast realizing that ecommerce email marketing is more than simply a passing fad. And with an increasing number of internet users subscribing to “an average of almost three daily or weekly emails or newsletter” (Source: Consumer Pulse, 2011), large scale as well as SMEs are engaging in CRM via email marketing for greater rates of success.

In a recent worldwide survey, 72% of all businesses rated their targeted email marketing campaign ROI as excellent or good.

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